About Us

Our Story

During the COVID-19 pandemic an unprecedented number of backpackers, travellers and international students were left stranded across Australia, New Zealand & the rest of the world.

Cancelled flights, rising ticket prices, unemployment & strict restrictions put backpackers in a state of uncertainty.

In March 2020, "Abroadly" started out as a single Facebook group called Abroadly WA (Western Australia) founded by Miguel & partner Nikki, which served as a platform to connect struggling backpackers, travellers & international students find free accommodation with local families who are now known as 'Host Families'.


Miguel and Nikki

Founders of Abroadly

Our Mission

Connecting travellers, backpackers and international students with local (host) families in a safe, secure and real time platform.

As word quickly spread, the need for expansion was imminent. Co-founders Abel and Hélène, a couple based in Airlie Beach, Queensland Australia, joined the Abroadly family. Multiple groups were created in every state of Australia to help manage the hundreds, if not thousands of inquiries being received each and every day.

Originally created to help just a handful of people, the Abroadly movement grew exponentionally to over 30,000 members and spread across New Zealand, Canada and even as far as Europe.

Thousands of Host Families started offering their spare bedrooms, parking spaces, garages, backyards, vacant properties, farm & holiday houses to backpackers for free or in exchange for a widearray of basic services like gardening, cooking, babysitting et cetera.

In addition, Abroadly has evolved to become an amazing platform in finding employment like Au Pair jobs, WHV-88 Days farmwork, hospitality & even find travel buddies to share the costs of roadtrips & adventures!

Find accomodation, work along the way, plan your next road trip and let the adventure begin! A home away from home!


Abel and Hélène

Co-founders of Abroadly