How It Works

The Step-By-Step Guide

Please take time to read the topics below, as these articles will help you better understand the overall concept of what Abroadly platform is about.

Alternatively, you can go to the FAQ section for more information and the Contact Us page if you need to reach us personally.


Abroadly is a global interactive website (mobile app coming soon), that connects backpackers, travelers, working holiday makers & international students to the local community.

Our online platform acts as a bridge to help travelers find free accommodation from individuals, families & organizations known as Local Hosts through help/cultural exchange.

Furthermore, Abroadly is an online community of like-minded members. It is a one stop-shop travel tool that helps individuals or groups to find travel buddies, jobs and travel guides.

The possibilities are endless!


Select the type of profile that represents you best. There are seven unique profiles that you can choose from that will give you an identity.

Please note that you can only choose one, so read them carefully.



This green pin represents individuals traveling locally or internationally looking for free accommodation through help exchange, jobs, travel buddies and hangouts with new friends.


Au Pair:

This dark purple pin represents young adults who travel to a foreign country looking to be part of a host family. He/she helps with childcare or light housework in exchange for food, a room & pocket money.

local host

Local Host:

This blue pin represents local households or individuals that offer free accommodation in exchange for help around the house or property.

Au pair host

Au Pair Host:

This light purple pin represents families looking for the next big brother or sister to join their family who helps with childcare & light housework in exchange for food, a room & pocket money.


Business Page:

This red pin represents business establishments/employers around the World that offer paid jobs, internships & volunteering positions. (Ex: Cafes, Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels & Recruitment Agencies)

whv-88 days

WHV 88-Days Employer:

This brown pin represents Australian farmers or employers that can sign off 2nd & 3rd year Working Holiday Visas*
(Visa subclass 417 & 462).


The registration process takes about 5 minutes to complete.

  1. 1. Choose type of profile

  2. 2. Fill in personal details (full name & emaill address)

  3. 3. Create unique username

  4. 4. Create strong password

  5. 5. Verify email address by entering 4-digit OTP

  6. 6. Login


There are three types of membership plans you can choose from, which offer different levels of access.

Free Trial
  • No debit/credit card details required
  • Contact anyone via direct messaging
  • Publish unlimited posts on the Community Wall (Accommodations, Travel Buddies, Meet Ups, Jobs & more)Send direct messages
  • Write comments on posts
  • Read & share Travel Guides
  • Write user reviews
  • Verify ID for $7.99
Basic Membership Plan
  • No debit/credit card details required
  • Limited access to some features
  • Reply to private messages only
  • Publish one post on the Community Wall per month (Accommodations, Travel Buddies, Meet Ups, Jobs & more)
  • “View only” access to posts
  • Read unlimited Travel Guides
  • Verify ID for $7.99
Premium Membership Plan
  • Access to all features
  • Contact anyone via direct messaging
  • Publish unlimited posts on the Community Wall (Accommodations, Travel Buddies, Meet Ups, Jobs & more)
  • Write comments on posts
  • Read & share Travel Guides
  • Write user reviews
  • Free ID verification
complete profile

Here are quick steps to create a profile. Please be adviced that a complete profile is mandatory before you can use and benefit from the website or mobile app’s features.

The registration process takes about 5 minutes to complete.

  1. 1. Choose type of profile

  2. 2. Fill in some personal information (age, gender, nationality, etc.)

  3. 3. Write a short summary about yourself

  4. 4. Fill in your hobbies and interests

  5. 5. Add more photos (optional)

  6. 6. Enter your current location

  7. 7. Add emergency contact

Verify identity

ID verification is not mandatory, but we strongly recommend you do this.

Verifying your identification will make your profile more trustworthy and will contirbute to the overall safety of the platfrom. It will let other users know that you are the person you say you are. We offer this service for free with the premium membership.

We have partnered with a US based AI (Artificial Intillegence) software company called ID Merit to process the identity verification

Any govenrment issued ID (e.g. passport, drivers license, national id card) that contains your full name, date of birth, address and a clear photo is acceptable.

Check out ID Merit’s website learn more:

Map and List View

Exploring the map and list view is a simple yet very effective way to find and connect with other members,

The first time you navigate the map and list view, the system will ask permission to access your current geographic location. This is perfectly normal and safe to do so. The system only tracks your current location when actively using the website or mobile app.

When navigating the map and list view, you will see the unique profile pins scattered around you. You can directly connect and send a message by tapping.


Another useful feature is the real-time instant messaging system. Start meaningful conversations by sending private messages to connect with other members.

Saying "Hi” or “Hello" followed by introducing your name is a simple and effective way to start a good conversation.

We have highlighted some safety tips that you might want to check out when having an online conversation with someone you haven't personally met before. But, always, keep in mind that safety comes first!


Create a post on the Community Wall by selecting one of the topics below:



Select this topic if you are a traveler looking for free accommodation or a local host who can offer free accommodation in return for some help around the house or property.

au pair

Au Pair

Select this topic if you are an Au Pair searching for your next host family or an Au Pair Host searching for the next big brother or sister to look after your children.

ask a local

Ask a Local

Select this topic if you are new in town and seek helpful tips and guidance from locals. You can ask about anything and get valuable advice like finding a popular local bar or restaurant, trying a particular local delicacy, and so on.



Select this topic if you would like to organize friendly meetups from like-minded community members. It can be as simple as a cup off coffee, drinks in a bar or maybe a yoga session by the beach.

house/pet sitting


Select this topic if you are a traveler interested in looking after someone's home and pets while the owner is away. Or you are a local host who needs someone to take care of your house and fur babies while you are away.



Select this topic if you are actively looking for a job or if you are an employer searching for your next employee.



Select this topic if you are selling or looking to buy a second-hand campervan, camping gear, bicycle, and anything that might be useful for other travelers.



Select this topic if you are an individual or group searching for travel mates to join your epic trip to share travel expenses like fuel costs, camping fees, and ride-sharing. Also, sharing unique experiences and fun moments with your new travel friends.


Booking an adoption is as easy via our customized booking system within the chat functionality. In addition, the booking system allows you to keep track of past adoptions and record all your upcoming adoptions in your personalized “My Adoptions” menu.

Keeping a record of all your adoptions makes it easier for our “Help and Support” team to track your most recent activities on our website and mobile app, which enables us to quickly identify other members you have been in contact with in case of an emergency.


One of our favorite website and mobile app features is the Travel Guide page. In this section, you can find helpful travel tips and local guides written by our community members during their travels and adventures to inspire others to see the world, learn about different cultures, make beautiful memories, and meet amazing people along the way!

Furthermore, you can share your adventures, exciting stories, and experiences by publishing your travel blogs and tips that might be useful to other travelers.

Do you want to be a travel blogger for Abroadly and get paid? We would love to hear from you! Please send us an email via the contact us page.


Use the “Review & Star Rating” system to let other members know about your adoption experience. Abroadly is built on trust between members, and by writing reviews about each other, we can create the safest and most trusted community possible.

Make your review honest and truthful to ensure reviews are relevant and fair so others can benefit from them too.

We take pride in providing unique, memorable, and safe experiences. We highly encourage you to write reviews and report any suspicious and inappropriate behaviour by other members.

Otherwise, please read more about basic safety tips we have written.