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Abroadly is a global interactive website (mobile app coming soon) that connects backpackers, travelers, working holiday makers, and international students to the local community.

Our online platform acts as a bridge to help travelers find free accommodation from individuals, families, or organizations known as Local Hosts through help, cultural exchange, or both.

In simple terms, help exchange means a Local Host offers a spare bedroom, granny flat, vacant property, farm stay, home stay, hostel stay, etc. In exchange for the free accommodation, the travelers or working holiday makers help with tasks like babysitting, cleaning, cooking, gardening, farming, house sitting, volunteering, and so on.

In some instances, Local Hosts prefer to foster cultural exchange, meaning they don’t expect any help or tasks in return for the free accommodation. Instead, they enjoy company, meeting new people, and learning about other cultures while developing friendships.

Abroadly connects backpackers, travellers and working holiday makers with Local Hosts and other like-minded travellers through our travel community. By signing up to our platform, you will save money through stays with Local Hosts, help you find travel buddies to go on adventures with, find jobs to fund your travels, get travel tips and much more.

When you join our travel community, you receive many benefits and possibilities which will enrich and broaden your experience when discovering a new country.

Our wonderful Local Hosts helps you save money on accommodation through help exchange. Stay with Local Hosts for free in exchange for providing services including gardening, cooking, babysitting or general help around the house. Not only do you save on accommodation costs, Local Hosts provide an opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the local culture. Experience first hand how to live like a local. Learn the local language and even speak like a local! Local Hosts can give you tips on places where locals eat, drink and dance. Get the real authentic local experience by staying with our Local Hosts.

Travellers who are part of Our Travel Community are just like you! Find like-minded people to meet up for social hangouts wherever you are in Australia. Meet new people from different countries and backgrounds and make new friends. Having shared experiences with others makes travelling that much more exciting and unforgettable.

Find travel buddies on our travel community and save on travel expenses. Share the costs of travelling and make new friends at the same time. Make your travels memorable and share your travels with others. Road trips are so much more fun with good company.

On our travel community, you can find jobs to help fund your travels. Look for hospitality, Au Pair and WH-88 days farm work on our job board. Earn and save up so you can go explore the beautiful country that is Australia.

Additionally, our Abroadly platform provides helpful travel articles and travel tips which will help you discover hidden gems which Australia has a lot of.

From saving on accommodation costs with Local Hosts, finding jobs, meeting friends with the same mindset and interests and where you can read up on travel articles and travel tips, there are many benefits and possibilities for you to discover on our travel community.

Sign up today and make the most of your travels!

Abroadly connects young travellers with local families for an Au Pair experience like no other. By signing up to our platform, find a Host Family to stay with or if you are a Host Family, find an Au Pair to look after your child/children.

An Au Pair is a young traveller aged between 18 and 30 years old, is not married and has a valid Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417 or subclass 462). Experience authentic local culture and immerse yourself in a different country by becoming an Au Pair. Learn the local language, meet new people and become part of the family whilst caring for the Host Family’s child/children. Assist your Host Family with light household duties and support their home life. There are many benefits to becoming an Au Pair in an overseas country as you have accommodation provided for you, pocket money to support your travels and a local family who can assist you settle into a new country.

For Host Families, you must have at least one child that is under 18 years old who lives permanently at home, are able to provide daily meals and a wage for your Au Pair, English is spoken in your household and your nationality is different from your Au Pair. It is a requirement for you to have a spare room for your Au Pair in your home and your Au Pair is expected to help with childcare and household duties.

Find your ideal Au Pair on our platform who will take care of your child/children as well as help you around the house. Life gets hectic when you’re juggling work, children and home life so having an Au Pair will make your life easier for you! With the Au Pair being from a different country, this provides an opportunity for your child/children to meet someone from a different culture and even learn a a few new words in a different language!

An authentic culture exchange benefits both the Au Pair and the Host Family. By signing up to be an Au Pair, you save on accommodation costs as well as allowing you to earn a bit of money so you can explore Australia longer. The Host Family benefits from having someone from a different culture look after their child/children and help around the house.

Sign up to Abroadly to find an Au Pair or a Host Family. Immerse yourself in the local culture or meet a young traveller who helps take care of your children and around the house. It is a win-win for everyone involved!

Abroadly connects backpackers, travellers and working holiday makers with local employers who have paid work, internships and volunteer work available. Our database of thousands of backpackers is the perfect platform to source keen and eager individuals ready to start working today.

Backpackers and working holiday makers make great employees as they can assist with filling in roles which you are struggling to fill. With low unemployment rates and a workers shortage, backpackers are an ideal solution for many businesses.

Sign up to our platform and recruit backpackers to be a waiter/waitress at your cafe, restaurant or pub, work as a labourer and undertake cleaning and housekeeping duties etc. Many are eager to find work that support their travels and are open to casual, temporary or seasonal work. Young and enthusiastic with a range of skills and abilities, backpackers and working holiday makers helps support your business so it is running efficiently and effectively.

If you are an employer who has an internship to offer, our platform provides you a great opportunity to source talented individuals from different cultural backgrounds. Internships provide benefits to both employers and interns alike. Hosting an international intern is cost effective, helps support your permanent staff with administrative tasks and may bring fresh and different perspectives to your organisation. Benefits for Interns include the chance for them to obtain professional work experience in their respective field, develop new skills and abilities and learn more about the industry that they have an interest in.

Volunteer work provides opportunities for backpackers, travellers and working holiday visa to give back to the local community. Environmental and Wildlife Conservation volunteer work helps protect and preserve the beautiful natural landscape. Community volunteering supports local people in need, the disadvantaged or those that may be doing it tough. Not-for-profit organisations can really benefit by signing up to our interactive platform by finding volunteers who can help deliver vital programs and services for your organisation.

Sign up to our Abroadly platform as a Business page and gain access to thousands of backpackers and working holiday makers available to assist you. They are ready and eager to take up your paid job, internships or volunteering positions that you have on offer.