How do I temporarily block requests for adoptions?

We get it! It's not always convenient for local hosts to be accepting requests from backpackers for adoption.

There is a simple way to indicate that you don't wish to receive adoptions at this time.

  1. Make sure that you're logged into the website, and go to the Edit Profiles section: https://www.abroadly.net/edit-profile
  2. The click on the Edit button
  3. You should then see a screen with the option to toggle on/off your 'Availability for Adoption'. The pop-up help text (the little question mark) for this explains as follows: "When you put your profile on Not Available, other users will still be able to find and message you but they cannot request an adoption with you."
  4. Don't forget to set this back to "Available" when you are available again!

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