How do I know which type of profile to choose?

There are 7 different types of profiles to choose from. Below are short descriptions of each of the profiles. You should choose the profile that best describes you & your goals.


  • Individuals traveling locally or internationally that are looking for free accommodation through help exchange, jobs, travel buddies & hangouts with new friends.

Au Pair

  • Young adults who travel to a foreign country looking to be part of a host family. He/she helps with childcare or light housework in exchange for food, a room & pocket money.

Local Friend

  • Friendly locals that don`t offer accommodation but love to share authentic local experiences & cultural exchange, like a weekend road trip, hiking or a friendly hangout.

Regular Host

  • Local households that offer free accommodation in exchange for help around the house or property like gardening, babysitting, farm work or just an amazing culture exchange.

Au Pair Host

  • Families looking for the next big brother or sister to join their family who helps with childcare & light housework in exchange for food, a room & pocket money.

Hostel Host

  • Hostels around the world that offer internships or work exchange to travelers.

WHV - 88 Days Employer

  • Australian employers that can sign off 2nd & 3rd year Working Holiday Visas (Visa subclass 417 & 462). Available in Australia only.